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Collier Talent Agency

We accept submissions via referral only. Please mail your cover letter, headshot, resume, and demo reel to:
Collier Talent Agency
500 N. Cap of Texas Hwy.

Building 2
Austin, TX 78746

Do not email your headshot and resume to Collier Talent for consideration for representation. Email/electronic submissions will not be reviewed. Phone calls about representation will not be returned.


If you do not have a demo, please let us know in your cover letter where we might have an opportunity to see your work. For more information about submissions, click here.


We do not return any material submitted to the agency.

How do I submit for representation with Collier Talent Agency?

We accept referrals from people actively involved in the industry. Some examples include acting coaches, casting directors, directors, producers, theater companies, agents, managers, and existing Collier Talent clients. 

I see that I need to have a referral to submit to Collier Talent for consideration for representation. Who can refer me to the agency?

We do not represent children under the age of 5.

Do you represent babies?

We represent actors. We do not represent writers, directors, stylists, make up artists or musicians. We are a talent agency not a modeling agency, so if modeling is your primary focus, we are not the agency for you.

What types of artists do you represent?

We are focused on representing voice talent who live in the state of Texas.

Do you represent voiceover talent outside of Texas?

No, there are no fees charged up front. We work strictly on commission.

Do you charge a fee for representation?

We want to see produced samples of your work. This can be from short films and independent films in addition to any film/tv work you have done. 

What do you need to see on a demo?

Please do not call the agency to follow up on submissions. We review every submission. Please allow at least 30 days for us to review submissions. If we are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss possible representation, we will contact you. You are welcome to re-submit after 3-6 months if you have added new credits or training to your resume.

I submitted my headshot/resume for consideration for representation. I have not heard back. Should I re-submit or call the agency?


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